Siberia Alien: Video Of Alien Found Dead In Siberia Is A Hoax?

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Siberia Alien
Siberia Alien
Image Credit: YouTube Clip/Daily Mail

Update (April 24, 2011): Siberia Alien Made Of Chicken Skin Filled With Bread

A Siberia alien found dead in Irkutsk, Russia that has been reported recently was said to be a hoax, according to international news.

The dead alien has been found by two Russian men near a tree stump in a snowy field in Siberia who were able to video taped the findings.

The video showing the remains of an alien was uploaded in YouTube with title “Dead Alien Found in UFO Hotspot in Russia” has become an internet sensation getting more than 4 million views as of this writing. However, it was said that the video clearly states that the filmmakers knew the alleged alien was there and did not just discover it by chance. reported that the Russian can be heard laughing and does not suggest a serious tone that they found a genuine body of an alien.

Furthermore, the image of the alleged alien also looks suspicious as it typically looks similar to popular fiction Hollywood films such as ET having a big-head and small limbs. It was also said that it “could have easily been made of clear gelatin and animal parts from a butcher shop.”

Here’s the YouTube video of the alleged dead alien found in Siberia.

Courtesy of All News Web

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