Siberia Alien: Alien Found In Siberia Made Of Chicken Skin Filled With Bread

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Siberia Alien Fake
Siberia Alien
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The alien being speculated to be a hoax which was found in southern Siberia is confirmed fake. Reports said that it was made of chicken skin filled with bread crumbs.

Students, Timur Hilall, 18, and Kirill Vlasov, 19 who video taped their “extraterrestrial discovery” were questioned by the local police and both admitted that they just created the body just to have fun.

A spokesman from the Russian interior ministry who confirmed the hoax said that the alleged alien remains was found in one of the student’s house.

“It was lying under his bed and an examination of it revealed it had been made of bread crumbs which were covered in chicken skin.”

Police spokeman Sergei Zvedzin said that they still need to check if a crime has been committed by the two students in connection with the use of animal skin.

“We will be looking to see if a crime has been committed in connection with the use of animal skin. If they have committed an offence they will have to pay for it,” said Zvedzin.

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