Shroud of Turin: Shroud Could Not Have Been Faked, Indicates a Supernatural Occurrence Reports Say

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Scientists who have tested the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin, has finally released their results pointing to the fact that the Shroud of Turin could not have been faked and that a  supernatural occurrence may be the reason for the occurrence. This was disclosed by several international news sites, December 21, 2011.

Scientist tried to duplicate the Shroud of Turin but could only come near to duplicating it by using a “short and intense burst of UV directional radiation.” This fact indicates the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin because there was no UV technology during those times, that could have created the imprint, reports said.

The Shroud of Turin shows an imprint of a double image of a man, who apparently, was scourged and crucified. Christians believed that the shroud was the burial clothes of Jesus Christ after His crucifixion in the Mount of Calvary.

Reportedly, Professor Paolo Di Lazzaro, the head of the research said that:

“When one talks about a flash of light being able to colour a piece of linen in the same way as the shroud, discussion inevitably touches on things such as miracles and resurrection. But as scientists, we were concerned only with verifiable scientific processes.”

Shroud of Turin
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Previous reports stated that a radiocarbon dating test, which was conducted in 1988 at the University of Oxford, the University of Arizona and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, showed that the Shroud of Turin was dated between 1260 and 1390. Some experts say though that the shroud may have been contaminated by clothing from the middle ages.

The latest result however as stated by the National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Development of Italy points to the fact that the shroud could not have been faked.

“This degree of power cannot be reproduced by any normal UV source built to date.”

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