“Shrek”, the Shaggy Sheep from New Zealand, Passed Away

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Shrek, the 9-year-old merino
Image Credit: FOTOPRESS, Ross Land, File

The most famous sheep in New Zealand named Shrek died Tuesday, according to reports dated June 7, 2011, New Zealand time.

According to reports, local residence mourned for the death of their famous sheep.

Shrek was said to be the oldest sheep having lived for nine (9) years as most of the sheep lived for no more than six (6) years before being slaughtered.

It was reported that Shrek captured the public’s imagination in 2004 after he evaded the annual shearing roundups for the previous seven years by hiding in caves on his farm on the South Island. When finally found, he was clad in an astonishing 60 pounds (27 kilograms) of wool, by which he became famous.

Reports also said that Shrek’s death brought both sadness and inspiration to local residence.

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