Short Message Services, Videos and Images for 911, Now a Possibility

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Sending Short Message Services, videos and images for 911, would now be a possibility with the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) new program.

Calling 911 has saved millions of lives of people during emergency cases. But today, the 911 services seem to be outdated when it comes to cell phone technology.  According to International News, November 23, 2010,  most 911 calls come from cell phones, but the inability of the 911 services to accept  Short Message Services SMS or text messages, videos and images prove to be a setback to victims who may not have the capacity to talk or who may not be able to place a call.

Here are specific instances where people can adapt these soon-to-be updated 911 services.

  • When the person is hiding and he cannot place a voice call for fear of discovery
  • When the person is unable to speak and hear
  • When the person wants to record or video tape the incident and feed it directly to 911
  • When the person wants to send actual graphic images to 911, instead of describing them

The Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) chairman Julius Genachowski announced that they plan to modify the 911 services to accommodate the “digital age” of being able to receive videos, images and text messages.

In  Black Hawk County, Iowa, the SMS -911 program has been in place for a year and is becoming popular for persons who could not place a call for various reasons.  Text messaging or SMS is used by a direct text link to 911.

A nationwide implementation of the program is something that everyone looks forward to.  Sending images, videos and SMS to 911 would surely help millions of mobile users during their emergency situations.

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