Sheryl Crow remains positive despite brain tumor

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Sheryl Crow says she is not worried about her brain tumor because such type is usually benign, as announced by several international entertainment sites, June 6, 2012.

According to reports, Sheryl Crow, 50, initially discovered about her meningioma, a tumor that is typically benign, in November of 2011.

After the announcement of her health status, she apparently decided to express her assurance and appreciation through Facebook and Twitter saying, “Hey everyone, please don’t worry about my ‘brain tumor,’ it’s a non-cancerous growth. I know some folks can have problems with this kind of thing, but I want to assure everyone I’m OK.”

In addition, she reportedly goes on to say, “I’m feeling very healthy and happy, and having a great time on the road playing with my new band. I’m busy working on my next record too, which I’m very excited about … and I’ll be on The Tony Awards this Sunday.”

Similar reports reveal that Sheryl Crow successfully battled breast cancer in 2006.

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