Shell oil spill in North Sea at Gannet Alpha platform, clean-up operation starts

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An oil spill in North Sea platform was recently discovered and oil giant Royal Dutch Shell have confirmed it while noting that clean-up operation has already started.

Shell oil Gannet Alpha platform
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According to British news sites on Friday, August 12, 2011, the Shell oil spill was found near the Gannet Alpha platform, 180 km (113 miles) away from Aberdeen, Scotland.

“We can confirm we are managing an oil leak in a flow line that serves the Shell-operated Gannet Alpha platform,” Shell spokesman Kim Blomley was quoted on reports.

“We deployed a Remote-Operated Vehicle to check for a subsea leak after a light sheen was noticed in the area,” Blomley added, noting that Shell has already informed British authorities concerning the issue.

“We have stemmed the leak significantly and we are taking further measures to isolate it. The sub-sea well has been shut in, and the flow line is being de-pressurised,” Blomley explained.

As of this writing, Shell have not announced the extent of the oil spill but notably described it as “not significant” but is still continuous, as clean-up vessel has been sent to the affected area.

Meanwhile, the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change told reports that Shell have already informed them and thorough investigation is going on.

“We are aware of the incident, our counter-pollution and salvage officer is monitoring the situation.” The Health and Safety Executive said on a released statement.

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