Shelby 1000 photo photoshopped, Shelby American admits mistake and apologizes

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The Shelby 1000 photo, as shown below, which was recently released by Shelby American, was discovered to be photoshopped, with the company later admitting their mistake and apologized as well.

Shelby 1000 fake photo
Image Credit: Randy Leffingwell/Shelby
via USA Today

According to USA Today on Wednesday, March 28, 2012, a photo of the 950-horsepower Shelby 1000 Mustang was released by Shelby American which is showing that the two front wheels are lifted off the ground, but was later discovered to be doctored or digitally manipulated.

According to the paper, a photo editor questioned how the Shelby 1000, notably the most powerful factory-built Shelby Mustang ever, could lift off several inches off the ground despite its weight and that only using street tires, which also do not appear to be under stress.

USA Today noted that Gary Patterson, a Shelby vice president, admitted to them via an email that the said photo of Shelby 1000, which will be unveiled at the 2012 New York International Auto Show on April 5, was photoshopped.

“That is fake shot. That shot is not real. I am beyond embarrassed.” Shelby American spokesman Scott Black told USA Today, noting that he was aware that the photo, which was also used by others sites such as Motor Authority, will be manipulated but only to fix shadows, saying the wheels really lifted off the ground.

Meanwhile, a press release at Shelby American on its official website on Tuesday revealed the real photo of the Shelby 1000, along with its key features and price, which was said to start at $149,995, excluding the base GT500; while a completed Shelby 1000 is being expected to cost approximately $200,000.

Carroll Shelby is a visionary who has pushed the boundaries of performance his entire life.” John Luft, president of Shelby American, was quoted at, noting that Carroll challenged the Shelby American team to develop the Shelby 1000.

“He (Caroll) wanted to unveil this amazing new Shelby at the New York Auto Show celebrating 50 years since he unveiled the very first Shelby Cobra that changed the face of high performance.” Mr. Luft added.

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