Shanghai skyscraper fire killed at least 8 people, 90 wounded (Video)

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China – A Shanghai skyscraper fire killed at least 8 people, while more than 90 others was injured which were brought to the nearest hospital, according to international news reports on Monday.

In addition, more than 100 residents were rescued which were said to have a total of 156 families.

The 28-storey building, which is under renovation was eaten by fire at about 2pm, local time, is located at the intersection of Yuyao and Jiaozhou roads in Jing’an District.

At least 80 fire trucks came to the rescue and firefighters have controlled the fire a few hours later, in which the said building was built in the 1990s and most of its residents were retired teachers from different schools in Jing’an.

The cause of fire is still under thorough investigation, but a witness apparently told the news that he saw some construction materials being eaten by fire which climbed up fast to scaffolding and spread instantly.

Other witnesses have said that the fire started at the scaffolding caught and then has spread all over the building.

Below is a live news video caught by Russia Today and was uploaded at YouTube.

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