Shalani Soledad had a duet with Willie Revillame “Ikaw Na Nga” on Willing Willie show (Video)

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Valenzuela councilor Shalani Soledad had a duet with Willie Revillame on his new show at TV5Willing Willie‘, as they sang together Willie’s song ‘Ikaw Na Nga’ last week.

On that segment, Shalani can be seen as looking nervous during the duet but Willie showed support for his co-host by guiding her at the middle, as the crowd waved their hands and sang along.

After the duet, Shalani admitted that she was shaking but Willie calm her down and said that as long as he is beside her, there’s nothing to worry about.

He then told the audience that Shalani has a talent in singing and that she should not hide it, and even told her to try to do a recording later.

Shalani, who became relax afterward, jokingly said that ‘that’s why it’s called hidden talent; it should not be exposed and be kept as hidden’.

Willie then asked Shalani if she is happy now which made the crowd cheered, since Willie seems to be asking on how Shalani feels now after her supposed ‘break-up’ with PNoy, who both decided to keep the issue private.

Shalani smiled and replied, “Of course, I feel better now,” and Willie made a follow-up answer and told the audience that they are the reason why Shalani is now happy.

Earlier, it was reported that President Noynoy Aquino (PNoy) admitted to have failed to watch Shalani on Willing Willie on her debut last November 8, but said that he wishes all the happiness for her ‘former’ sweetheart.

Meanwhile, PNoy, still a bachelor at the age of 50, is being now rumored to be linked with her stylist, Liz Uy, but the latter denied it and said that she is just doing her job to take care the fashion looks of the president.

Below is the video of segment at Willing Willie where Willie Revillame and Shalani had a duet as they sang ‘Ikaw Na Nga’.

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