Shaggy Tyrannosaur: World’s Biggest Feathered Dinosaur Found in China

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Three well-preserved fossils of shaggy tyrannosaur was reportedly found by researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing. Measuring over 29 feet long and weighing 3,086 pounds, the shaggy tyrannosaur is considered as the world’s largest known feathered dinosaur, according to reports by several international news sites on Wednesday, April 4, 2012.

Reports say that shaggy tyrannosaur, named Yutyrannus huali or “beautiful feathered tyrant,” lived in northeastern China about 125 million years ago. It was reportedly 40 times heavier than the previous largest known feathered dinosaur, Beipiaosaurus.

In a statement by Xing Xu, one of the study researcher, he explained that the “Yutyrannus dramatically increases the size range of dinosaurs for which we have definite evidence of feathers. It’s possible that feathers were much more widespread, at least among the meat-eating dinosaurs, than most scientists would have guessed even a few years ago.”

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