Sentisabado: A Filipino Sentimental Saturday on Twitter

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Filipinos are widely known to be very sociable and sentimental people and social sites like Facebook and Twitter are some of the interactive places where they can be found.

Last week (Saturday, of course) at around 2pm, a Filipino blogger by the name of Tony Cruz started a Twitter hashtag ‘#sentisabado’; which means Sentimental Saturdays.

He requested his Tweeter followers and all the Filipinos around the world to share their childhood memories.

Apparently, it created a monster hit for fellow Filipinos on Twitters and became a trending topic.

By 4pm, the hashtag was being used at a rate of around 100 tweets per minute.

Most tweets are about old TV shows, movies, and even outdoor games they play when they were young. Internet and online games has not yet been ‘born’ in those days.

According to an interview with Tony, he said it all started as fun.

“This is not a social experiment; I was just trying to have fun on Twitter with my followers.” Tony said.

This latest craze was also been featured on GMA News a few hours ago.

Now, #sentisabado is became a relaxing way for Filipino Twitter users of remembering their yesteryears, or childhood memories.

Even local TV personalities are joining the trend such as Isabela Magalona, the daughter of the late rap icon Francis Magalona.

“This hashtag is awesome; I’m having so much fun reading this thread. Click it.” Magalona tweeted.

Being a fellow Filipino who loves socializing and reminiscing childhood memories, one cannot help but join the fun.

So the next time you tweet on Saturdays, make it a habit too.

Just make sure to add ‘#sentisabado‘ at the end of your tweet.

Yours Truly just did.

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