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Senator Ralph Recto Defends Rep Manny Pacquiao on Tax Contempt Charges

By on Mar 16, 2012 in Boxing, Local, Opinion, Politics, Sports Comments

Manny Pacquiao
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Senator Ralph Recto stood in defense of Rep Manny Pacquiao regarding the tax contempt charges the BIR has filed against the boxing superstar. This was disclosed by several Filipino news sites, March 15, 2012.

Pacquiao has been charged by the BIR because of allegedly not complying with the request of the BIR to submit his income tax returns, and for some alleged discrepancies.

It is common knowledge that Manny Pacquiao rose from rags to riches through sheer hard work and determination. Being an icon of success in the Philippines, millions of poor people looked up to him as an inspiration that it is possible for them to achieve their dreams through hard work.

Reportedly, Senator Ralph Recto stated that the Pacman’s earnings has already been taxed abroad and should no longer be taxed in the Philippines because it would be double taxation. Recto went on to say:

OFWs earnings which are derived from working abroad are not subject to tax. I think the same principle should also apply to Pacquiao, who may not be a true-blue OFW but still our very own ‘Overseas Fighting Worker.”

Ralph Recto echoes the thoughts of the majority of Filipinos who think that Manny Pacquiao is the true champion of the country for having brought pride and honor to the country in spite of being poor and uneducated.

Pacquiao also has given money freely to his political constituents in Sarangani who have ran to him in times of dire financial needs. In his show “Manny’s Many Prizes,” he gives money to those in need in the spirit of games and fun; some of it coming from his own pocket.

These generous “donations” should be tax deductible if the BIR would compute properly all his due taxes.

Meanwhile, further reports said that spokesperson, Edwin Lacierda, of the presidential office said that the RP-US tax treaty allows reciprocity agreement where taxes paid in the US would be credited in the Philippines. Lacierda also said that what the BIR was looking into were incomes earned in the Philippines, and since Pacquiao communicated that he will try to submit the documents, they will “leave it at that.”

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