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Sen Tito Sotto chief of staff admits copying anti-RH bill speech from US blogger Sarah Pope

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Manila, Philippines – The chief of staff of Senate Majority Floor Leader Vicente “Tito” Sotto III admitted on Thursday, August 16, 2012, that they copied a part of a blog post of an American blogger for his turno en contra speech on the Reproductive Health (RH) bill last Monday, contrary to his denial earlier that day.

Sen Tito Sotto on ANC Headstart interview
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According to ABS-CBN News on Thursday night, Atty. Hector Villacorta confirmed to them that he sent a Facebook message (a part of it can be read below), to US blogger named Sarah Pope, saying that it was the senator’s staff who copied a part of her blog post without asking her permission and not mentioning her name as the source.

As noted in the report, Sarah Pope replied to Villacorta‘s message and said that Sen Sotto is responsible for his staff’s actions; and that she does not even agree on his opinions against the controversial RH bill. She emphasized that the senator twisted the message of her blog post so that it will be favorable to his side.

“A thief is a thief, Mr. Senator. Denying it won’t get you off the hook; it just makes you a lying thief. Women of the Philippines: I am terribly sorry my blog was used and twisted against you. You deserve the choice to use ‘The Pill’ if you want or need to based on your particular circumstances.” Ms. Pope wrote on her blog this Thursday.

As featured earlier that morning at ANC, ABS-CBN News Channel, Sen Tito Sotto told Headstart host Karen Davila that his speech in the Senate last Monday was not copied from the post of Sarah of last February 2011 titled “How ‘The Pill’ Can Harm Your Future Child’s Health”.

“Why should I quote a blogger? She’s just a blogger. I’m quoting Natasha Campbell-McBride.” Sen Sotto told Davila, emphasizing that he and the US blogger just happened to have a common source. He noted that he always mention in his speeches the source of his information and that he is not pretending to be smart.

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“I understand you felt slighted that your blog was not attributed to you which became part of the speech of the senator. Let me say that after asking my staff, indeed, your blog was used but only in quoting also from the same book of Dr. Campbell-Mcbride.

We are both indebted to the book’s author but if you wish that you also be credited with the contents of the book, let this be your affirmation. I can do it and by this message, I am doing it. Hope it satisfies you. But if it does not, what would you want us to do?

What have we done to deserve your incriminating words. The senator did not lift it himself, we did. Did you want us to tell him to admit what he did not do? Who would you like to crucify for this oversight?

Forgive us our single trespass. We had no malice, we thought you would be happy about it. There was no injury. Hope this makes you feel better.”

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