Second sinkhole appears in Florida, 2 miles away from the sinkhole that swallowed Jeff Bush (Photo)

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Read New Florida sinkhole opens up, near Seffner home where Jeff Bush was swallowed (Video)

A second sinkhole appears in Seffner, Florida, as shown in the photo, which is reportedly around 2 miles away from the huge sinkhole that swallowed Jeff Bush last week, while he is inside his bedroom, and almost covered the entire four-bedroom house. Local authorities have not recovered his body.

Second sinkhole Florida

The second sinkhole that appeared in Seffner,
Florida within a week

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According to on Monday, March 4, 2013, the second sinkhole was discovered on Monday afternoon between two homes in the 1200 block of Cedar Tree Lane, and measures around 12-feet wide, 5 feet deep in the center, and 3 feet deep on the edges, much smaller than the first one.

As noted in the report, no house has been damaged, but a fence that divides the two houses is now broken. Hillsborough County officials emphasized that the two sinkholes are not connected geologically; noting that the new Florida sinkhole does not pose risk, but its size will be still closely monitored.

Meanwhile, the body of Jeff Bush, 37, who was swallowed by the 30-feet wide and more than 50 feet deep sinkhole on Thursday, February 28, has not been found. Search and rescue operation has been stopped, since the chance of finding him alive is getting slimmer. Workers are now starting to demolish the entire house.

When the incident happened, Jeremy Bush, 35, Jeff‘s younger brother, tried to save him by jumping into the massive sinkhole, but it was too deep and full of debris. A deputy sheriff pulled Jeremy up for safety. Later, huge heavy equipment was used in the hope to find Jeff, but his body was never found.

Apparently, only his personal belongings were located, including his jacket and hat, which were hanged on his wall when his bedroom was literally swallowed by the sinkhole. Jeremy told reporters that he thinks that authorities could send someone down the sinkhole, the strategy was described as extremely dangerous.

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