Seattle snow storm: US Weather forecast says Northwest coast winter storm worst since 1985

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A major Seattle snow storm is being expected this mid-week, which is now heading towards the Northwest coast of US including Portland, Oregon; and is being noted to be the worst ever since 1985.

According to a post at on Tuesday, January 17, 2012, a major snow storm is being expected to arrive in the said region when the night comes, which started last Sunday that is being dubbed as only an appetizer.

As noted in the report, the snow storm will start to get worst in Seattle and Portland on Tuesday night until Wednesday, as it approaches the Northwest coast and travel could be very difficult or impossible.

Meteorologist Chris Dolce emphasized that the affected cities include Seattle, Portland, Olympia, Bellingham, with the snow storm to spread in the inner part of the Northwest coast such as in Spokane, Washington state, among others.

“Keep in mind, average annual snowfall is only 2.4” in Portland and 5.9″ in Seattle, so these amounts are very significant for these metro areas!” Chris Dolce wrote at, noting that the forecast remains uncertain depending on how the snow may change to rain, particularly in the I-5 corridor (i.e. Portland/Vancouver).

Meanwhile, the US National Weather Service predicted that this major snow storm, which will cause 1-2 inches of snow this Tuesday in Seattle, and 5-10 inches on Wednesday, which said it “could exceed anything seen since November 1985 at Sea-Tac airport”.

Snow forecast for the Northwest coast selected cities including Seattle
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