SEAL Team 6 Congratulated by Commander, Told to Keep Their Mouth Shut

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SEAL Team 6
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The Navy Sea, Air and Land (SEAL) Team Six members were congratulated through an email by Rear Adm. Edward Winters but were reminded to “keep their mouth shut.” This comes after the jubilation of Americans with the successful assassination of al-Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden. This was disclosed by various news sites, May 2, 2011.

The US Navy SEAL Team Six, ST6 or Seal Team 6, has earned international accolade for its mission accomplished.  According to Wikipedia, the Navy Seal Team 6 is a special force which is responsible for US clandestine counter-terrorism operations all over the world ranging from rescuing American hostages, (Operation Eagle Claw). Reportedly, this team is composed of SEAL members who are at their “peak physical condition,” experienced and has an outstanding reputation in the service.

The precise “surgical” operation started with a helicopter raid, dropping the SEAL Team 6 into Osama bin Laden’s walled compound in Pakistan. It was a “spy thriller helicopter raid” according to The Star.

The identity of the courageous ST6 will remain a secret forever though, as Americans and supporters of democracy all over the world join hands in congratulating the unidentified men and/or women of the US Navy SEAL Team Six.


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