Scorpion on Alaska Airlines flight stung US passenger

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A scorpion reportedly went on board of an Alaska Airlines flight on Friday, June 17, 2011 and stung an American passenger, with the arachnid crawling inside on one of his sleeves.

The scorpion found on an Alaska Airlines flight
Image Credit: Jeff Ellis/

According to TV station KPTV on Thursday, June 30, 2011, Jeff Ellis, of West Linn, Oregon, was trying to get a sleep on an Alaska Airlines flight which originated from Austin, Texas.

Ellis was said to be flying from Seattle to Anchorage and was with his girlfriend Suzanne Foster, who did not believe at first when she saw the scorpion.

“At first I didn’t believe him,” Suzanne Foster told KPTV during the interview. “But then I saw it. He held the napkin up for me to see and I saw the tail, wiggling. I pretty much jumped out of my seat.”

Foster immediately called the attention of a flight attendant, who put the scorpion inside a plastic bag, while Ellis‘ left elbow was checked by two doctors on board.

“Everybody I’ve talk to thinks it was incredible, unbelievable. I’m here to tell you, it was definitely there,” Ellis told KPTV, noting that he felt like he has been stung by a bee.

Later, he took photos of the scorpion and shared it to KPTV suggesting that it could be striped bark scorpion which is common in Texas, with an expert told the report that it only reacted defensively.

Meanwhile, Alaska Airlines management reportedly offered Ellis a 4,000-frequent flier miles and round-trip tickets good for two to wherever the airline flies.

Nevertheless, Ellis said he was satisfied with the way the airline treated the incident but said he still wonders on how a scorpion could be boarding on an Alaska Airlines flight.

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