Scientists Succeed in Trapping Antimatter

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At last, scientists have succeeded in trapping antimatter. For years scientists tried to trap antimatter into something they could work on.  If matter is something we can touch and hold on to, antimatter is the opposite – nothingness.  When antimatter comes in contact with anything it is destroyed instantly.  The “antihydrogen” atoms were destroyed before anything could be done to them.

Based on International News, November 17, 2010 GMT, scientists finally succeeded in trapping the elusive antihydrogen atoms. Professor Gerald Gabrielse of Harvard University and Professor Hangst are among the many scientists who have been instrumental to the success of the procedure by using a magnetic field to trap the antimatter. The group stated that they need to prolong the “life” of the antimatter atoms to be able to study them more comprehensively.

With their dedication and determination, they would surely reap further success.

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