Scientists propose names for 2 new elements on Chemistry Periodic Table, Flerovium and Livermorium

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Scientists of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)-Dubna proposed names of 2 new elements, to be added in the Chemistry Periodic Table, Flerovium and Livermorium.

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According to a press release at on Thursday, December 1, 2011, their proposal has already been recommended by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC).

Once approved, the two new names proposed for the elements Flerovium (atomic symbol Fl) and Livermorium (atomic symbol Lv) will be element 114 and 116 of the Chemistry Periodic Table, respectively.

“Proposing these names for the elements honors not only the individual contributions of scientists from these laboratories to the fields of nuclear science, heavy element research, and superheavy element research,” LLNL‘s Physical and Life Sciences Directorate associate director Bill Goldstein was quoted on the report.

“But also the phenomenal cooperation and collaboration that has occurred between scientists at these two locations,” Goldstein added.

As noted in the report, IUPAC have officially accepted the 2 new elements last June, which were discovered by chemists from the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna and Lawrence Livermore more than a decade ago.

LLNL noted that Flerovium was named after Georgiy N. Flerov (1913-1990), a renowned physicist who discovered the spontaneous fission of uranium and is the founder of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.

On the other hand, Livermorium was named after LLNL and the city of Livermore, California, where a group of researchers worked along with scientists at the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions on various elements including the said element.

These new names have been submitted to the IUPAC in late October and will be added to the Chemistry Periodic Table after five months if no one will object the proposal, LLNL said.

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