Scientists Plan to Bring the Extinct Mammoth Back to Life in 5 Years

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Extinct Mammoth
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A team of scientists from Japan, the US, and Russia plan to bring the mammoth back to life within a period of 5 Years. This was disclosed by Akira Iritani to the Yomiuri Shimbun, January 17, 2011.

Iritani, the project leader, and his team will utilize the elephant to insert the mammoth’s cell into its ovum in which the nucleus would be eliminated.  This would form a cloned embryo which will be nurtured next in the elephant’s uterus. If this procedure is successful, it will supposedly produce a baby mammoth. The process is tedious and can take 5 years.

The team is perfecting the mammoth gene’s extraction and related methods that would ensure the success of the experiment. The mammoth tissues and cells will come from the preserved mammoth finds from Siberia.

The mammoth is an extinct “sibling” of the elephant, because they both belong to the same Elephantidae family. It has a distinct, curved tusk which differentiates it from the elephant. The extinction of the mammoth happened thousands of years ago, but scientists believe that the cells of the mammoth found in Siberia is well preserved and could be used to clone it. Akira Iritani and his team hope to successfully produce a baby mammoth in 5 years.

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