Scientist Dr. Bill Wattenburg offers cheap and effective software to ‘solve’ the TSA screening controversy

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A scientist named Dr. Bill Wattenburg says he is offering the US government cheap and effective software to ‘solve’ the TSA screening controversy, according to US news sites on Monday.

This is after a left and right debate on the screening procedure being done by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to all plan passengers, particularly with the story of John Tyner’s refusal to undergo a full body scan that went viral.

According to Dr. Wattenburg, who was said to be a scientific consultant with the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, a cheap and simple fix in the computer software of new airport scanners will solve the problem on the privacy issue of all flight passengers.

The fix in the software would distort all the images captured on full-body scanners which will make them look like reflections in a fun-house mirror, while any potentially dangerous objects would be clearly revealed, as explained by the scientist.

“Why not just distort the image into something grotesque so that there isn’t anything titillating or exciting about it?” Dr. Wattenburg suggests.

Apparently, the scientist said that he, along with his colleagues were previously denied by the Department of Homeland Security after they applied for patent application for the said software in 2006, which is still pending as of this writing.

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