Scientific names written incorrectly on new P200 bill, wrong color of parrot in new P500 (Photo)

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Manila, Philippines – After the alleged ‘geographical errors’ on the new P500 and P1,000 bills, another set of supposed errors were noticed by scientists and experts on the new Philippine money, in which the P200 and P500 are involved.

As reported in GMA News on Monday, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) had written incorrectly some scientific names of Philippine animals on the new money.

Ateneo de Manila University‘s biology department head Dr. Merab Chan cited some writing errors of scientific names of animals particularly on the new P200 bill.

According to Dr. Chan, the scientific name of the Tarsier in the P200 bill was written as Tarsius Syrichta, in which according to the rules in writing scientific names, it should be Tarsius syrichta, or the second name should not begin with a capital letter.

The scientist added that scientific names should also be italicized, while the ones written on the new Philippine money were not.

“They have to check things like that before putting it on our peso bills,” Dr. Chan told the news.

“They should have consulted and verified with a taxonomist first.” She said, adding that the mistakes should immediately be corrected before the bills will be circulated.

Meanwhile, a group of experts also noticed a supposed error on the blue-naped parrot on the back of the new P500 bill, and was said to have the wrong color, as shown in the photo below. Its front side now bears the image of the late President Cory Aquino beside his husband Ninoy.

According to them, the beak of the parrot should be red and not yellow, while its tail should be yellow and not green.

However, BSP corporate affairs director Fe de la Cruz told the news that the error in colors might be due to limited capacity of the colors in the overall design of the new Philippine bill.

On the other hand, BSP deputy governor Diwa Gunigundo mentioned in a separate report that the mistakes that can be corrected will be fixed and may be available on the next batch of issues of the new Philippine money.

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