Schwarzenegger reportedly spent $65,000 for Mildred Baena’s house, “Governator” terminated

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Arnold Schwarzenegger reportedly spent $65,000 for Mildred Baena’s house, his alleged mistress and a mother of his love child, as his supposed comic book “The Governator” has been terminated.

Schwarzenegger Mildred Baena

Schwarzenegger’s alleged document
stating he spent $65,000 Mildred Baena
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According to TMZ on Friday, May 20, Schwarzenegger was said to have paid $65,000 for Mildred Baena’s property, who worked for him and his family as a household member for 20 years.

As shown here in the photo, the loan document which TMZ have obtained, bears a signature by the name of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mildred Baena as donor and borrower, respectively.

The document, titled as “”Gift Letter”, mentioned that the $60,000 was paid cash from Schwarzenegger’s personal bank account on May last year, while the $5,000 was paid one month earlier.

Apparently, earlier reports said that Schwarzenegger allegedly spent for the luxurious party of Mildred Baena’s niece back in 2011, where their supposed love child was present as well as his wife Maria Shriver and their children.

Meanwhile, TMZ also has confirmed that the comic book entitled “The Governator” was terminated as Squared Entertainment, POW, Stan Lee Comics and Archie Comics officially put the said project on hold and did not announced if it is permanent or not.

Incidentally, “Governator” is a character exclusively made for Schwarzenegger for being a former California governor and a star of “Terminator“, who will be fighting crimes through the help of Maria and their four children.

Earlier, Schwarzenegger’s lawyer Patrick Knapp announced that Arnold decided to put his movie career on hold and movie projects such as “Cry Macho” and a new Terminator movie will be terminated.

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