Schwarzenegger museum in Austria inaugurated, Arnold unveils self statue (Photo)

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The Arnold Schwarzenegger museum in Austria was inaugurated by the ‘Terminator‘ star himself on Friday, October 7, 2011, and even unveiled a statue of him, as shown below.

Schwarzenegger statue, being unveiled
Image Credit: Herwig Prammer/Reuters

As noted in international news sites, former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger visited his home country, Austria and visited a museum, located in his birthplace and dedicated to his life.

Schwarzenegger, 64, who was born in Thal, Austria and won Mr. Universe during his prime, brought his son Patrick that day and also unveiled a bronze statue of himself as a bodybuilder.

As reported earlier, this Schwarzenegger statue is the first of the at least three creations of TW Bronze, with owner Tim Parks noted that each of them stands 8 feet tall and weighs about 580 pounds.

“For me, the museum is a symbol of will, that anyone has an opportunity in life,” Arnold Schwarzenegger was quoted saying in a brief ceremony.

“Stay always hungry – “Stay hungry!” – That was one of my first movies. And that has always been my philosophy of life.” Schwarzenegger added, with the museum also showing his other personal things.

Among them are his childhood bed, some of his first dumb-bells, as well as movie props including the Harley-Davidson motorbike Arnold used in one of his Terminator movies.

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