Schwarzenegger’s mother of love child identity revealed, report says (Photo)

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The identity of alleged Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mistress and the mother of their love child has been revealed, as shown in the photo below, along with their supposed son.

Mildred Baena, Arnold Schwarzenegger alleged
mistress and their supposed love child (insert)

Image Credit: News

As reported at, a source told them that the mother of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love child is Mildred Baena, now 50 years old.

Allegedly, Mildred Baena was the woman the former California governor was referring to when he admitted to his wife Maria Shriver that he became a father to a child more than a decade ago.

Mildred Baena was said to be the household staff member who worked for Schwarzenegger’s family for 20 years and left last January but was reported to have “left on good terms with them.”

On the other hand, Maria Shriver released a statement about his husband having a child out of wedlock for the first time and called it as ‘heartbreaking’.

“This is a painful and heartbreaking time.” Maria Shriver was quoted as telling to Los Angeles Times on Tuesday, who has been married to Arnold Schwarzenegger for 25 years.

“As a mother my concern is for the children. I ask for compassion, respect and privacy as my children and I try to rebuild our lives and heal. I will have no further comment.” She added.

In related news, another woman named Gigi Goyette told reports that she was Schwarzenegger’s mistress but denied having a child with him, as the actor-politician denied having an affair with her.

“There were so many other women. About 13 have come out of the woodwork.” Goyette was quoted at Daily Mail on Tuesday, who claims she first met Schwarzenegger in 1975 when she was 16 years old and an actress.

According to the report, Goyette claims she and the action star slept together in one occasion that time but did not see each other again until 1989 and had a fling relationship, which is three years after Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger got married.

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