Scariest elevator prank ‘Ghost Girl Elevator’ with hidden camera goes viral (Video)

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A so-called ‘Ghost Girl Elevator‘ prank with hidden camera in a Brazilian TV show, as shown in the video below, is now being dubbed as the scariest elevator prank ever. The YouTube video was uploaded on Sunday, November 25, 2012 and has over 1.52 million views as of this writing, and was also posted at Reddit.

Ghost girl elevator prank

Ghost girl inside an elevator, and her ‘victim’,
looking at each other

Image Credit: Programa Silvio Santos video

As noted by Gawker this Monday, the Ghost Girl Elevator prank video was created by Silvio Santos Program (Programa Silvio Santos), a TV show in Brazil that is known for “fairly run-of-the-mill hidden camera gags like ‘Magnetic Soup’ and ‘Pig Grinder'” and is somehow similar with Candid Camera.

On the first part of the video, a lady that seems to be a receptionist welcomes a middle-aged woman and assisted her to the elevator and even guided her on how to use it. Shortly after the elevator starts running and display shows it is going upwards, the lights began to blink and later turned off.

As laughter can be heard and the woman looked confused, a young girl that resembles to Samara Morgan from the 2002 American remake horror movie ‘The Ring,’ the counterpart of Sadako of the original Japanese film Ringu in 1998, came out from a small door while the elevator is dark, carrying a bald doll and stood firmly.

When the lights went back, the woman saw the young girl, who looked at her too. The participant did not scream but can be seen scared while pushing the button to open the elevator. The scary girl screamed as lights began to flicker again, and the poor woman screamed too. The lights returned and the girl was gone.

Apparently, similar scenes were shown in the Ghost Girl Elevator prank video and victims included two women together and men in solo but have screamed on top of their voices when they saw the scary girl. At one instant, the receptionist can be seen near the elevator and laughed while listening to the scream of the victims.

Ghost Girl in Elevator scary prank
Video Credit: claudiard1981/YouTube/Programa Silvio Santos

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