Saudi Arabia ancient tombs found in Google Earth by archeologist (Photo)

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Ancient tombs in Saudi Arabia were said to have been found by an archeologist through the use of Google Earth, as reported at New Scientist on Friday, as shown in the photo below.

Apparently, these potential archaeological sites in Saudi Arabia that were found may reach to nearly 2,000, and archeologist David Kennedy from the University of Western Australia claims that he discovered it first through Google Earth.

With the use of high-resolution satellite images from Google Earth, Kennedy was reported to have been able to scanned 1,240 square kilometers in Saudi Arabia and found 1,977 potential archaeological sites.

Among them are 1,082 ancient tombs, with the shape of a teardrop and made of stone.

Through the help of his friend in Saudi Arabia, who is not an archaeologist, David Kennedy visited two of his discoveries and took photos of them, and compared them with the ones he saw in Jordan.

Kennedy told the report that he believes that the ancient tombs that he found may be about 9,000 years old.

“Just from Google Earth it’s impossible to know whether we have found a Bedouin structure that was made 150 years ago, or 10,000 years ago,” David Kennedy was quoted as saying.

Saudi Arabia ancient tombs found in Google Earth by archeologist David Kennedy
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