Sarah Palin defends her ‘blood libel’ video comment and use of crosshairs

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Sarah Palin, former Alaska Governor and potential Republican Presidential candidate in 2012, defended her video comment with the term “blood libel“, according to international reports on Monday. She has been widely criticized for using the term after the Tucson, Arizona shooting incident, where Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords got hit by a bullet in the head, with 13 others injured, and six others did not survive. The gunman was identified as Jared Lee Loughner.

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According to Palin, she used the term “blood libel” on that video comment to describe false comments that link conservatives to the assassination attempt on Congresswoman Giffords. Palin made the clarification on the Fox‘s Sean Hannity show live from her hometown of Wasilla, where she was quoted that the “blood libel” term referred to those “falsely accused of having blood on their hands.”

While defending herself, Palin also made it clear that critics cannot stop her from voicing out her views about the wrong direction that the Democrats are leading the American people.

Palin‘s use of the “blood libel” term was protested by Jewish groups. According to them, the term was previously used to accuse Jews for using blood of Christians in religious rituals.

Palin also clarified that the use of crosshairs to identify targeted congressional districts for Republican pickups was also used by Democrats to identify districts where they wanted to win.

Here is part of Sarah Palin‘s statement, defending her video comment from her critics.

We should not use an event like that in Arizona to stifle debate.

I think the critics again were using anything that they could gather out of that statement. You can spin up anything out of anybody’s statements that are released and use them against the person who is making the statement.

I know that a lot of those on the left hate my message and they will do all they can to stop me because they don’t like the message.

I receive a lot of death threats. My children do.

They can’t make us sit down and shut up.

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