Sarah Palin Alaska Reality TV show debut ‘Mama Grizzly’ ratings nearly hits 5 million viewers

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Sarah Palin’s Alaska reality TV show made a debut on Sunday night, entitled ‘Mama Grizzly’, and nearly hits 5 million viewers, according to international news sites.

According to reports, Nielsen Company announced that the reality TV show of the former Alaskan Governor made a TLC history although it failed to surpass the 10.6 million viewers who watched the separation episode on “Jon & Kate Plus Eight.”

In that reality TV show pilot episode, the 49-year old candidate for vice-presidential election in 2008, Sarah Palin showed the audience of her self being a family-loving woman who loves outdoor activities.

Sarah Palin was joined by her husband Todd, along with their children Track (21), Bristol (20), Willow (16), and Piper, who is now nine years old.

“I love this state like I love my family,” Ms. Palin told the viewers; before she brought her family in a bear country for a spot of salmon fishing, where they later saw a grizzly bear and her two cubs.

“I love watching these mama bears; they’ve got a nature that humankind could learn from.” She added.

In one humorous scene, former Alaskan Governor can been stopping her daughter Willow’s male friend from following her to her bedroom.

There were rumors that Sarah Palin will be making as much as $1 million per episode for her eight-episode reality TV show.

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