Sarah Palin’s Snide Remarks about Michelle Obama’s Anti-Obesity Campaign

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Sarah Palin’s snide remarks about Michelle Obama’s Anti-Obesity Campaign has made the headlines in the international scene again as news reports focused on Palin’s statement during her reality TV show, “ Sarah Palin’s Alaska.”

Palin is very vocal about her views, even with supposed to be, private family matters. In her show’s recent episode, she has taken another jab at Michelle Obama. In last Sunday’s episode of her show, she was with her son as she pottered around her kitchen for some s’mores ingredients. She unabashedly stated that the video clip was “in honor of Michelle Obama who said the other day we should not have dessert.” Palin said that parents should be left with the responsibility of selecting food for the family and for their children.

The First Lady is the proponent of the campaign against childhood obesity with her program “Let’s Move.” This was not the first time Palin’s tongue made the headlines.

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