Sarah Palin’s Crosshairs Map Included Gabrielle Giffords’ State

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Sarah Palin’s Political Action Committee has included Representative Gabrielle Giffords in the “gun crosshairs map” that they prepared. Giffords was one of the casualties in the shooting incident in Tucson, Arizona where 6 other people were killed and 13 more injured.

There were 20 democrats who voted for President Obama’s Health Care Bill and Gifford was one of them.  This is according to International news reports, January 8, 2011, EST.

The map has been criticized because of its violent suggestive presentation.  At Twitter, Palin allegedly tweeted to her followers, “Don’t retreat, instead-Reload!”

The crosshairs map was posted at, but just today, the picture is now non-existent. Many surfers were able to access the image earlier, as shown below.

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