Sandy exposes ship: 90-year-old ship found on Fire Island (Photo)

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Hurricane Sandy exposed the shipwreck of a presumed 90-year-old ship that was reportedly buried on Fire Island National Seashore, a barrier island off Long Island in New York.

According to Paula Valentine, a public affairs specialist in the area, the shipwreck is believed to be that of Bessie White, a vessel measuring over 200 feet long with a displacement of 2000 tons, owned by Charles T. White.

Sandy exposes ship on Fire Island
Sandy exposes ship
Image Credit: Cheryl Hapke / USGS

Newsday reported on Tuesday, November 13, 2012 that the ship was found about six kilometers east of Davis Park, between Skunk Hollow and Whalehouse Point.

U.S. Geological Survey coastal geologist Cheryl Hapke explained that the buried ship was exposed after about 72 feet of sand was eroded when the entire island was submerged by the heavy rain brought about by Hurricane Sandy.

Reports say that almost 80 percent of the houses in the area was flooded by Sandy. Sea water reportedly divided the island into four areas.

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