Sand Sculpturing Exhibition in Melbourne Opens with the Theme “Creepy Crawlies”

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Sand Sculpturing Exhibition in Melbourne opens with the theme “Creepy Crawlies,” as announced by International reports, December 26, 2010.

The Sand Sculpturing Exhibition features sand sculpture artists from all over the world, with their Australian counterpart. They will display their works of art to the public at the Frankston Waterfront from December 26, 2010 to April 20, 2011.

Creepy Crawlies” has turned those creepy, little bugs into fascinating sand sculptures that people can appreciate and admire.

The entries include “A Closer Look” by Jino van Bruinessen from Australia , “Giant Scorpion” by Fergus Mulvany from  Ireland, “The Hive” by Kevin Crawford, Jim McCauley and Peter  Redmond from Australia, “Bed Bugs by Karen Fralich from Canada, “Little Miss Muffet” by Hanneke Supply from Belgium,Enchanted Garden” by Meg Murray from Australia, “Flea Circus” by Susanne Ruseler from the Netherlands, “Lair of the Spider Queen by Baldrick Buckle from the United Kingdom, “Frogs Galore” by Susanne Ruseler and Hanneke Supply from the Netherlands and from Belgium respectively,  and the last but not the least, “Beetlemania” by Brad Goll and Karen Fralich from the United States and from Canada respectively.

One of the most poplar is the photo below which is sculpted by Christina Mija from Australia and is entitled “Alice the Caterpillar.” You can view more of these pictures of the Creepy Crawlies at

Photo credit: Graham Denholm/Getty Images,

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