Samsung Ordered to Pay Apple an Amount of $1.05B in Patent Case

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The jury in San Jose, California ruled on Friday, August 24, 2012, after 3 days of deliberation, in favor of Apple on the patent infringement lawsuit filed by Apple against Samsung last April 2011.

As noted at CNET, the decision also stated that Samsung needs to pay US$ 1.05 Billion in damages. Macrumors reported that the jury found Samsung had willfully infringed on both Apple patents and trade dress for the iPhone.

Court decision stated that a number of Apple design and utility patents of its devices were infringed by Galaxy SII.

On the design front, many Samsung devices were found to infringe on hardware style or icon setup.

As a result of the ruling, Apple could request an injunction against the Samsung devices that were found to have infringed on its patents. It means that Apple can force Samsung to take those gadgets off the market until they are changed.

Apple’s stock price rose to an all-time high, more than $675 per share, in after-hours trading following the verdict at present it has 663.22 per share.

CNET had an exclusive interview with Manuel Ilagan, one of the nine jurors who ruled in favor of Apple, the after the verdict. Ilagan told CNET the jury had heated debates before reaching its verdict.

“We found for Apple because of the evidence they presented. It was clear there was infringement.”Ilagan said.

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