Samsung Galaxy Tab Reached 1 Million Units Sold

By on Dec 5, 2010 in Business, Netbook Comments

United reported that Samsung Galaxy Tab, Apple iPad rival, has reached it’s milestone. It has shipped 1 million units in just 2 months. Many believe that the increase in sale is due to the Thanksgiving sale and Black Friday sale last week.

Kim Titus, Samsung spokes person, confirmed the report to but did not provide details about where the sales came from.

U.S. carriers Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile offer different promotions for Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Although sale is behind Apple iPad, the Samsung Galaxy Tab sale still shows that the Android model is working for the consumer electronics maker.

The Tab’s video camera is an edge to it’s rival Apple iPad which has no camera.

The larger 9.7-inch screen Apple iPad tablet hit the 1 million sold mark just one month after going on sale in April. Nonetheless, the Samsung sales results show that the Android-based, 7-inch touch screen of the Galaxy Tab is indeed popular as well.

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