Samsung Galaxy S II ad released, mocks Apple iPhone 4S and battery problem (Video)

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The Samsung Galaxy S II (2) ad was released online on Tuesday, November 22, 2011, as shown in the video below, and seemed to be mocking the Apple iPhone 4S and the recent battery problem.

Samsung Galaxy S II ad
Image Credit: ToddWasserman/YouTube/Samsung

The 60-second Samsung Galaxy S II ad YouTube video, which will hit TV on Thanksgiving, starts showing a long line of young people who seem to be waiting for an Apple store to open and a quote “New York, NY 9 hours to go”.

“Guys, I’m so amped I could stay for three weeks,” A young man can be heard telling to another young man in front of him, in which the scene resembles with the long lines when a new iPhone is being released.

“9 hours down and we’re almost in the door,” A young lady in San Francisco, California sings, while also in a long line with other people, and appears to be waiting for their turn to buy the latest iPhone.

Later, a similar scene in Boston, Massachusetts was shown but with a woman saying, “I think two people just left,” and the man behind her asked, “Why would they be leaving when we’re only nine hours away?”

Meanwhile, a man in Seattle, Washington, also in a similar scene, reads aloud what he saw on his phone, “Uh oh, the blogs are saying the battery looks sketchy”, which apparently pertain the ongoing battery problem of iOS 5 phones.

On the other hand, a man in Chicago, Illinois, asks his companion, “If it looks the same, how will people know I upgraded?” which can be referred to the physical design of iPhone 4S which looks similar to iPhone 4.

A similar scene in Denver, Colorado showed a group of people discussing about their phones to be lacking of 4G. Although the ad did not mention the name of Apple, all iPhones are still on 3G.

Later, two different scenes showed a group of young people noticing a man and a woman holding a Samsung Galaxy S II and seemed to be amazed with its appearance and design.

The crowd discussed about its features although someone was heard saying, “I could never get a Samsung, I’m creative.” His friend immediately replied, “Dude, you’re a barista”.

The Samsung Galaxy S II ad video ended with a tagline “The next big thing is already here”.

NextBigThing 60 Final, Samsung Galaxy S II ad
Video Credit: ToddWasserman/YouTube/Samsung

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