Same Christmas card shared by 2 sisters for 61 years

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The same Christmas card is being shared by two sisters for 61 years which started as a joke but later became a tradition, as believed to be first reported at CBS Minnesota on Tuesday.

According to the report, sisters Joyce McGuiggan and Gladys Symington has been sending each other the same Christmas card every year since 1949.

Apparently, Gladys sent a Christmas card to her younger sister Joyce in 1949 who kept it and send it back to Gladys next year and went along up to this year.

Joyce is now 86 and living in Maplewood, New Jersey, while Gladys is 76 years old and presently living in Neche, North Dakota.

“Sixty-one years. A lot of water under the bridge, and it (the Christmas card) is starting to fall apart it’s so old.” Joyce told CBS.

One time, the sisters thought the card was lost in the mail, they decided to insure it for $5,000 that year; the report added.

Year after year, the sisters shared notes by writing them on the same Christmas card; from losing their loved ones to their achievements, and even some simple sayings just to share with each other.

This year, it’s Gladys’ turn to send the card, while Joyce will send it back to her next year, who says that they will continue the tradition until one of them shall pass away.

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