Samantha Brick reacts on Twitter backlash against “women hate her because she is beautiful” claim (Video)

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Samantha Brick, the Daily Mail columnist who earlier claimed that ‘women hate her because she is beautiful‘ and received a lot of mockery online, defended herself in a British TV interview, as shown in the video below.

Samantha Brick on ‘This Morning TV’ interview
Image Credit: ITV video

Brick, 41, who received tons of negative comments via Twitter, appeared on ‘This Morning TV‘ on Thursday, April 5, 2012 and continued to insist that she is beautiful, noting that other women are just jealous of her beauty.

“It’s not that I believe it – I believe the perception of it, and the perception of how men approach women. Do I think I’m good looking? Yes I do. Is that a crime?” Samantha Brick replied when asked if she believes that she is beautiful.

“Women do not like attractive women. I suggested the article after waving at one of my neighbors in France, someone whose boys play at my house, and she totally ignored me. It got me thinking about how the Sisterhood attacks beautiful women,” Ms. Brick added.

However, TV presenter Ruth Langsford admitted to Samantha that she was offended by her claim, saying “Neither me nor my friends have any problem with beauty. But we do not like arrogance.”

As reported earlier, Mr. Brick wrote an article at Daily Mail last Tuesday titled “There are downsides to looking this pretty: Why women hate me for being beautiful“, and cited instances where men noticed her beauty instantly and women being envy at her.

“While I’m no Elle Macpherson, I’m tall, slim, blonde and, so I’m often told, a good-looking woman. I know how lucky I am. But there are downsides to being pretty — the main one being that other women hate me for no other reason than my lovely looks.” Brick wrote at, which has nearly received thousands of negative comments.

Samantha Brick ITV Interview: Why do women hate me for being beautiful?
Video Credit: ITV1/YouTube

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