Sam Wo closed: San Francisco restaurant known for ‘world’s rudest waiter’ closes after 100 years

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Sam Wo, the Chinese restaurant in San Francisco, California, known for having the so-called ‘world’s rudest waiter‘ named Edsel Ford Fung (sometimes written as Edsel Ford Fong), is now closed after 100 years in food service.

Sam Wo Restaurant
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“We will be closing our doors on 4/20/12. Thank you for all the great memories and allowing us to serve you for over 100 years!” A statement reads at, with nothing left on the website except for the photo of the place when it was still open and its address written below.

As noted at San Francisco Chronicle on Friday, April 20, 2012, Sam Wo‘s closing day, the management have has decided to close the famous restaurant after a recent meeting with San Francisco health officials and fire department staff.

“Too old. Everything’s too old. The building is too old. It’s very sad.” David Ho, 56, Sam Wo owner for the past three decades and a descendent of one of the restaurant’s original owners, was quoted in the report.

Apparently, the said restaurant, located at 813 Washington Street, has been a great concern for city health officials after visiting the place and noticed some food safety code violations including having dirty floors, greasy walls, and was declared unsafe due to its old and seldom-maintained building.

Meanwhile, Fung, who passed away in 1984 at the age of 57, was known as the ‘world’s rudest waiter‘ for allegedly abusing patrons verbally and slamming dishes on tables, with the restaurant reportedly also maintained a don’t-ask-don’t-tell relationship with its loyal customers.

However, regular customers of Sam Wo did not seem to care about its bad reputation and continued to patronized its inexpensive food for the past decades up to its last day, noting that the said restaurant can now be considered as an institution.

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