Salty Cat: Calico Cat Swept Up In New Jersey Rainstorm Showed Up In Governors Island Shore

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Salty Calico Cat Swept Up
Salty Cat / Calico Cat
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Salty cat” is being tagged to a female Calico cat that many believed have been swept up alive in a New Jersey rainstorm last weekend.

According to reports, the wet feline was found Sunday night by security guards in Governors Island north shore in New York.

“We think this kitty was swept out to the river from Jersey during the big storms over the weekend, hitched a ride on some floatsam, and eventually landed on the rocks that encircle the Island,” according to Governors Island website.

The cat was found with its fur salty, matted and caked with seaweed, but still healthy and very friendly, said Elizabeth Rapuano, the park’s director of marketing and communications.

Though the feline appears to be in good shape, park workers will still take her to a vet to be sure that the cat is okay after her long journey.

Meanwhile, the staff of Governors Island is hoping to receive any information about the cat’s owner. They are also taking suggestions for a name for a cat.

“We realize that this cat needs a name! We remembered that one of the most popular areas of the Island, Picnic Point, was named by one blog readers, so we are again turning to all of you for your ideas,” as quoted from Governors Island blog.

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