Salt Panic: World Health Organization In China Reassured Their People That Radiation From Japan Have No Sign Of Threat

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Salt panic buying has started after rumors widespread in China that the radiation had leaked into the sea from Japan’s Fukushima power plant, compromising the safety of salt taken from the sea.

Chinese Panic Buying Salt
Chinese People Lined Up To Buy Salt
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According to international news, the World Health Organization in China reassured its citizens that the radiation from Japan remains highly localized and does not pose an immediate risk anywhere else in Asia.

Michael O’Leary, representative of World Health Organization in China said on Friday that they don’t have any information of a significant spread of radioactive material beyond the evacuation zone and at present it’s very confined.

Meanwhile, Way Kuo, a renowned nuclear expert and also the president of City University of Hong Kong said on Friday that panic buying of iodized salt to guard againts radiation exposure is not necessary. He said that the sea water is unlikely to be affected by the nuclear emergency, citing the rumors that radiation has leaked into the sea which can contaminate the salt taken from the sea.

Furthermore, Kuo said that China‘s coastline is “far far away” from Japan to be affected by the consequences, reports said.

“Take smoking for example. If I take one puff and you are two meters away, you’ll be affected and feel uncomfortable. If you are five meters away, you may also smell something; but if you are 20 meters away, you could hardly feel it,” Kuo said.

He added that the snow in Japan limited the impact as the radioactive material will be brought down to the earth by the snow and lessened the possibility of spreading to other areas through air.

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