Salt Panic: Panic In Salt Buying Sparks In China After Fears Of Japan Radiation

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Salt Panic Buying In China

People Throng In Grocery Stores For Salt Panic Buying
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Salt panic buying in some Chinese cities was reported in the belief that iodized salt could protect them against Japan radiation. Worried shoppers rushed grocery stores in major cities such as Beijing, Hangzhou and Shanghai for iodized salt which was said to have run out in the last several days, according to reports.

Forbes reported that the panic buying of salt has been triggered by the swirl of misinformation that has been widespread over the region in the wake of Japan‘s serious situation.

It was said to have spread possibly by cellphone text messaging that China would be hit by a radioactive cloud from Japan’s Fukushima No. 1 Daiichi nuclear plant that was damaged by the earthquake and that China’s sea salt would be contaminated as a result of the unfolding Japanese situation.

Meanwhile, Chinese authorities reassure their people that there’s no shortage of salt and that 80% of its salt sources were on land. A public annoucement was also displayed on television screens on Beijing subway cars saying “The local salt bureau has stated that there’s an adequate supply of salt. Salt is a special product that is controlled by the government. Supply is greater than demand.”

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