Sagat Coming To Street Fighter 4 (SF4) for iPhone

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Sagat on SF4
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According to several gaming news sites, the Muay Thai master Sagat will be added to Street Fighter 4 (SF4) for iPhone in the upcoming free update. Capcom announced that the update will also include a new feature called local match making that will automatically connect players when they get within Bluetooth range of each other.

Additional features also include having the system ready for a two-player match while playing the single-player mode and ability to view the other player’s statistics and achievements.

Sagat vs Deejay
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A screenshot showing Sagat tossing an uppercut into Dee Jay circulated among gaming news sites. However, Capcom did not mention Dee Jay on its announcement. The current rosters of characters in SF4 include 12 fighters, making it a big possibility that another fighter, most probably Dee Jay, will be added together with Sagat to make the selection grid symmetrical.

No release date of the update has been announced yet.

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