Saber-Toothed Vegetarian Found By Juan Carlos Cisneros In Brazil (Photo)

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Saber-toothed Vegetarian
Image Credit: Journal Science

Saber-toothed vegetarian, named Tiarajudens eccentricus, was discovered by researchers in Northeastern Brazil, according to a report by Journal Science in its Friday edition. Part of its name, ‘Tiaraj├║‘ was taken from where it was found, and “dens” is a Latin word that means “tooth,” while “eccentricus” means “eccentric.”

The remains of the saber-toothed vegetarian, who lived about 260 million years ago, was found by a group of researchers from University of Piaui in Teresina, Brazil, led by Juan Carlos Cisneros.

The saber-toothed vegetarian, measuring as large as a dog, has an upper canine teeth that measures about five (5) inches long. Scientist explained that its dagger like teeth was used to catch its food and beat its enemies.

The newly discovered animal came from the group of anomodont, a four-legged creatures of the Permian, belonging to therapsids group.

According to Cisneros, he was very surprised to find “a fossil so bizarre as Tiarajudens eccentricus, a fossil that looks like if it has been made from parts of different animals, is like finding a unicorn.”

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