S.978 controversy: Copyrighted video bill will not put Justin Bieber in jail, copyright experts say

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The US S.978 bill, or the Commercial Felony Streaming Act, will not put Justin Bieber in jail; this is what bill authors and copyright experts are now clarifying.

“Justin Bieber in jail”
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According to US news sites on Wednesday, October 26, 2011, S.978 bill authors and copyright experts confirmed that the Act will not put Justin Bieber in jail, as well as others who upload videos at YouTube.

As reported earlier, some groups such as DemandProgress.org and FreeBieber.org are inviting the public to sign the petition against the S.978 bill, claiming that it will put people like Justin Bieber in jail.

Nevertheless, copyright lawyer Terry Hart clarified that people including Justin Bieber, will not be put in jail. The 17-year old pop superstar rose to fame after uploading videos of himself at YouTube.

“The individuals behind the “Free Bieber” campaign are either completely ignorant about how copyright law works or being deliberately disingenuous.” Attorney Hart wrote at CopyHype.com.

“Anyone who uploads video to YouTube faces no increased risk of criminal penalties if this bill passes. Justin Bieber is not going to jail.” Hart added.

Meanwhile, US senators Amy Jean Klobuchar, Chris Coons, John Cornyn, who authored the S.978 bill last May, reportedly said that only websites, blogs, or people who profit from illegally streamed copyrighted video will be prosecuted.

“The bill does not criminalize uploading videos to YouTube or streamed videos at home.” Senator Klobuchar‘s spokeswoman Linden Zakula was quoted in a statement.

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