Russian twin sisters adopted by US couple return to Russia after 16 years

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Russian twin sisters Jessica and Jennifer, who were adopted by a couple from California in 1994, have returned to Russia for the first time after 16 years.

Jennifer, (L), and Jessica (second left), with
adoptive parents Pam and Mike Allen in Russia

Image Credit: AP

As reported at Daily Mail on Friday, May 13, 2011, the adopted Russian twin sisters, now 18, were adopted by Pam and Mike Allen back in 1994 when they went to Russia.

According to the report, the couple saw the Russian twins at Children’s Home 13, an orphanage in Moscow, who were only two years old that time and apparently had only boy’s clothes to wear.

Jessica and Jennifer, who were Galina and Svetlana then, were said to have given up by their mother for adoption due to severe poverty, as the identical twins were sick and thin.

Their story made local headlines as the adoptive couple brought the twins back to California and grew up with them, with now both of them returning to Russia as their graduation present.

Adoptive parents Mike Allen and wife Pam, who have two biological sons but reportedly wanted a girl in the family, brought back the adopted twins to Children’s Home 13 last month.

The Russian twins, who were happy to be on their first trip to Russia, told reports that they are happy looking like Russians but brought up with an American style of living.

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