Russian Orthodox Church leader photo photoshopped, Patriarch Kirill watch from wrist removed (Photo)

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An old photo of the Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch has been reportedly photoshopped, where an alleged expensive watch was removed from his left wrist. Original photo and the doctored one are available below.

As noted at RIA Novosti on Thursday, April 5, 2012, a photo of Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill back in 2009 was republished recently, but now without the Breguet watch which was said to be worth about $30,000.

According to the report, some Russian bloggers noticed that the photoshopped photo of the church leader depicted the reflection of the luxurious watch on the shiny table where his hand was place, but the watch itself was not there anymore and his sleeve has been extended.

Apparently, the original photo was published at on July 3, 2009, with Patriarch Kirill talking to the Minister of Justice at the Patriarchal residence, with Russian Orthodox Church now apologizing for the photoshopped photo.

“At the moment the photo in question has been posted in its original quality. We apologize to all visitors for this technical error.” The Russian Orthodox Church press service was quoted in a statement, with the doctored photo now removed and replaced with the original one.

“Photo editing is always only about color and other technical parameters. The reason for this blatant violation of our internal ethics will be thoroughly investigated and those guilty will be severely punished.” The statement added.

Meanwhile, Russian Orthodox Church press service deputy head Alexander Volkov recently admitted to Russian News Service radio station that the photoshopped photo was made by a 24-year-old female employee “on her own personal inexperienced initiative.”

“Unfortunately, this person showed pointless personal initiative without getting an approval from her supervisors. Clearly, this is a folly, a misunderstanding; of course, we don’t want to conceal anything.” Volkov was quoted as saying, with the Patriarch reportedly admitted that he once received a Breguet watch as a present but never wore it.

(Left) Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill wearing a watch on left hand;
(Right) photoshopped photo, without the watch and black sleeves extended

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