Russia Angry Birds: Russian bank to issue Angry Birds bank cards this coming June (Photo)

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Russia is being set to have its so-called Angry Birds bank cards, with a sample as shown in the photo below, as a result of the coordination between the popular game franchise, a leading online retail company, and a local bank.

Russian Angry Birds bank card
Image Credit: Promsvyazbank

As reported at, a Russian news site on Monday, May 28, 2012, Rovio along with Internet Retail Solution (IRSOL) and Promsvyazbank (PSB), will be launching the bank cards depicting the Angry Birds image this coming Monday, June 4.

According to the report, PSB Director of Retail Products and Technology Ivan Pyatkov said that the bank is expecting to release around 100,000 Angry Birds debit cards until the end of the year, with future plans to depend on the demand for the product.

“We hope that customers will actively use this ‘plastic’ to pay for goods and services. For the bank, this is quite an attractive segment, which we will be able to offer not only a card, but also other products such as loans and deposits.” Pyatkov was quoted telling to the paper.

Mr. Pyatkov added that the bank plans to draw income from the Angry Birds bank cards not via service fees, but through the turnover and payments made by using the new card, emphasizing that their target market for this project are the game’s local fans with ages between 25 and 35 years old.

Back in January, Rovio announced on their official website that they are starting to collaborate with IRSOL, with IRSOL CEO Alexander Semenov saying that “Angry Birds is extremely popular both globally and in Russia as it brings positive emotions and fun to the entire family”.

“Our philosophy – to endeavor to make our customers happy with every small detail – is similar to that of Rovio, so we are especially excited to represent Angry Birds.” Semenov added, with IRSOL also having other projects including for health & beauty and for kids.

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