Rush Limbaugh Defends Sarah Palin and Himself against Accusations of Inciting Violence

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Talk show host Rush Limbaugh defends Sarah Palin and himself amidst the onslaught of accusations that Palin’s language and his may have incited gunman Jared Loughner in the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, the wounding of 13 others, and the killing of six people in Tucson. According to political news reports, January 11, 2011, EST, Rush Limbaugh raved in his radio show that the accusations were “fatuous and silly.”

Limbaugh berated the media for this, saying it was “all politics.” He stated in not so many words that the democrats are taking advantage of the situation.

People are pointing fingers at Sarah Palin for her crosshairs map which her special political action staff had conspicuously displayed in some sites to stress their agenda. There were some people who responded negatively to the suggestive graphics of the map.

Even Gabrielle Giffords reacted to the map, before she was shot, saying “words have consequences.” She seemed to have some premonition of what was to come. To many, the crosshairs were gun-sightings aimed at the democrats.

Joining the group in defense of Sarah Palin are Barbara Walters and Glenn Beck. They agree with Limbaugh that the crosshair map was just an “eye-catching political graphic.”

On the other hand, the suspect, Jared Loughner, has still not expressed his motivation in committing the shooting rampage that killed a 9 yr old girl and 5 other people. Updated reports say that Gabrielle Giffords is positively responding to treatment.

On her part, Sarah Palin stated that “vigorous and spirited public debates” are among America’s “most cherished traditions,” and that her crosshairs map has nothing to do with the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords and the demise of 6 other people.

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